Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The beginnings of our Nursery!

A pal of mine on babycenter started putting pictures up on her blog of her nursery as they start to change it from an office to the baby's room and I like the idea of it!

And well, Im stealing it! Thanks Mindy!

I will post updates to our nursery as it comes together! I really need to lay off exclamation points. Here it is the start of our nursery, we have a bit of an edge on Mindy given that we picked the nursery room from when we moved in so we have an empty canvas to start with instead of an office... Granted we do have a few boxes that our spill over from other rooms sitting in there that we will have to clean out but still you get what Im saying.

We have a couple items, a play pen that doubles as a bassinet that my mom got us, and some things we bought at a MOPS (Mother's of PreSchool) yard sale. Nothing beats second hand prices!!


  1. nice.... nice.... I like what you've done here... mmmmhmmmm, good.... good....

  2. Great start! We are letting a friend stay in our spare as she finalizes a divorce. She knows she HAS to be out by 1st of July, so I will for sure be doing nursery progress pics too!!