Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Tally is In!

So the total tally was:

BOY: 17
GIRL: 11

And wouldn't you know it... it was the underdog!

We are having a girl!!!

We are both very excited!

Now we don't have to figure out how to explain things to a little boy... like how to pee standing up??!!

For now, we would of course welcome the challenge down the road!

Presently we are in love with our little girl. And wondering if we can get away with minimizing just how much pink she will be subjected to!

1 comment:

  1. Jason swore up and down he wouldn't buy her any frilly, pink, lacy dresses. The second dress she owned was pink, frilly, and lacy, with a matching frilly, pink, lacy diaper cover. With pink lacy socks!
    I still haven't let him live it down. Especially this morning when Erin threw a 20 minute fit because we made her wear jeans to school today (it's windy and NASTY or the dress would have been fine.)