Thursday, April 29, 2010

Making the rounds

Today we had our next dr. appt. Everything looks good... or should I say sounds good! We got to hear our little bean's heartbeat and she has one strong heartbeat!!

We also got to meet with another doctor today. Since our doctor works in a group, chances are she may not be the one delivering our baby. So on her suggestion we are making our rounds and meeting all the doctors she works with, including her there are five of them total.

The doctor we met with today was great! She seemed very experienced and I felt comfortable with her. She was kind enough to prescribe a chiropractor for my "ass pain" this way our health insurance can cover the visit. Hopefully a chiropractor will be able to get the kink out!!!

Our next doctor visit is the end of May so we will be meeting with a 3rd doctor, so far I'm enjoying the opportunity to get to meet each member of the team!

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