Monday, April 26, 2010

Prenatal Yoga

So last week I decided to try going to a prenatal yoga class.

With some luck I actually found and unpacked the box that held my yoga mat! And, lucky for me work out gear is stretchy so I still fit in my yoga pants!!

My girl had did some research for me of different yoga places and suggested this place:

So I committed to going, Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:15 PM. I was however quite worried about what the hell kind of stretching we were going to be doing for an hour and fifteen minutes... Yoga classes at my work's gym were forty five minutes and the last half I was always wishing for the end to be near.

I resolved to go anyway. And found that prenatal yoga is more focused on meditation of sorts and not so much on extreme stretching. Upon first going into the room, I was absolutely and completely uncomfortable.... the class sits in a circle facing in to one another, no comforting solitude of a row in sight. I stood firm and stayed and I am happy I did. We did a few poses after an informative discussion about how to avoid being induced, an opportunity for a round table of sorts and a lot of time focusing on you and your baby sharing space. I found it relaxing and fulfilling.

I am really looking forward to going again this week.

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  1. I liked prenatal yoga, I'd never tried regular yoga prior to that, so I wasn't worried going into it i guess. I loved prenatal water aerobics though, it was great and I'm positive it's what kept my ankles from swelling and never having any problems with my back during pregnancy.