Monday, April 26, 2010

20 Weeks and 2 Days... that's halfway!

So I have made it to the halfway mark and here is my 20W2D belly shot. I am starting to look pregnant!

I actually started to look pregnant around week 18, my tummy just kind of popped out. Which by the way does come with some muscle stretching pain!

I still feel like I can get around with ease, especially since I have gotten my energy back! With my re-found energy I have been finally getting quite a bit done around the house, it is in fact starting to look like we live here.

I have discovered that I am getting more cravings, and being in a new city it is hard to figure out where I can easily fulfill them... Lucky for our pocket book I haven't had much luck and have resolved myself to cooking what I'm craving or dealing with it not being fulfilled.

So most women by week 20 have felt the flutter of their developing little one, I however am still waiting. Being that this is my first go round many say that it's okay that I haven't felt anything yet, most first timers don't know what it will feel like and don't realize they are feeling it when it happens. Being the competitive woman I am have grown quite impatient with waiting and am pretty sure my abdomen is just clueless to what is going on in there!

On to something I am feeling.... my sciatic nerve. BAHH! That seems to be a constant and quite literal pain in my ass.

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  1. Just wait until your daughter decides that your full bladder makes an awesome trampoline, or your lungs are invading her space. . .

    I think I felt Cody move at 22 weeks, and Erin (because I knew what to expect) at about 18 weeks.