Monday, April 26, 2010

Attention shoppers! Bean on aisle 4

Something I think about lately are my traits that I learned from my parents and what I want you to learn from me. Sure there are important things like being fair, having ethics, and not lying. But what I am talking about are the more subtle traits. Let's start with shopping. Here is a short list that my mom taught me.

1. Correct the cashier when he forgets to ring up an item. You must always call the mistake. If he lets you have the item for free, then you can have it.

2. Return the cart to the cart area. Don't be one of those people who leaves it out for it to take up a parking spot.

3. Put items you don't want to purchase back where they came from. No leaving the peanut butter by the face scrub.

4. Let the lady with 2 items in front of you when you have a cart full.

5. If you drop and bruise an apple, don't put it back in the pile. No one wants to get home to find a bruised piece of fruit.

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