Friday, April 9, 2010

Adopting the bean

So, as a planner, I have started the process of adopting my favorite bean. After doing some searching I found a checklist to adoption. I do love checklists so what could be better. It is as follows:

  1. Educate yourself and your family members. - Done. Some family members are quite surprised that I have to go through a formal adoption
  2. Decide what type of adoption you want pursue. - Done - I want a second parent adoption which, thankfully, is legal in Indiana
  3. Investigate ways to handle adoption expenses. - I had no idea the costs but it looks to be about $1400 for the home study and about $500 for court fees and the lawyers is estimating $2500. So the bean will get fewer toys for awhile.
  4. Select an adoption agency/facilitator and/or attorney. - I have a meeting already set with an attorney, but am wondering if there are other options. $250 an hour is steep and makes me wish I was a lawyer
  5. Complete an agency application form. - Not started
  6. Begin the homestudy process. - Ticked off that I even have to do this
  7. Attend pre-adoption and parenting classes. - Am assuming this will be good for me to learn
  8. Be matched with or locate a child. - Done. There is only one bean and she is my bean
  9. Prepare for your child's arrival. - Picking up baby stuff this weekend.
  10. File a petition to adopt. - have to wait until the baby is born to do this
  11. Finalize the adoption. - I will be buying a cake to celebrate
  12. Post-adoption services and education. - Not required

Phew - that is quite a list but it could be worse ... I could live in Florida when I wouldn't be able to adopt the bean at all.

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  1. SO much fun hanging out with you today MJ and meeting you C-anna! Thanks for the invite!