Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quick, teach me how to french braid hair!

Now I can finally tell my story. A couple of weeks ago I was in the grocery store and I felt this voice telling me about my little girl. I felt this overwhelming joy. And today it was confirmed it is a girl! God is amazing and am I convinced that my little girl already has a soul and is a child of God.

So .. now my biggest concern is over ... trying to teach someone to pee standing up. Yup you heard me. I was worried about if we had a boy how would I teach him to be a boy. What would I do when he had boy type questions. I don't think I could survive puberty. LOL

So as I was high from the Dr appointment and getting to see my favorite bean on the screen, it slowly started to occur to me.... all the things that girls require that I can't do. For example, I don't know how to braid someone elses hair (or really my own for that matter). I am not the best at matching makeup colors. I really couldn't tell Prada from Dolche or what their brands look like for that matter. Peeing standing up is starting to sound easier.

Some of my favorite people on this planet are men, my dad, my friend Ray, MJ's brother, so I would have been happy either way. But I am thankful that now we get to buy clothes and things that a little girl will love. Please I just know the dogs will thing she is the best thing ever


  1. Peeing standing up is not something you ever have to explain to a boy - they are born not only knowing how to do it, but willing to do it anywhere and everywhere!! That said, I am happy you are happy to have a little girl coming your way! Don't worry, I can recognize Prada and Dolce if needed, but it's not a necessary skill to have. Make sure she can hold her own in the world and that she knows she's a Queen (power player), not a Princess (helpless victim). I know you are going to be a great role model for her!! :)

  2. You know you married me for a reason...

    I know how to braid hair in actually more than one style!

    I don't know that our daughter will care about Prada and Dolce when she gets a taste of PRANA and DIESEL!

  3. You could always do like I did and buy one of those creepy styling doll heads, set it up next to the computer and follow the step by step guides on the internet. It worked fairly well! Getting Erin to sit still long enough was the real trick!

  4. I am a SUPER ungirly girl! I can't french braid my hair or others hair. I hate pink! I only wear dresses when I have to. I live in flip flops. I climbed trees as a kid. And barely had dolls. I have never spent more than like 50 bucks on an item of clothing/accessory. And the 50 bucks was a kelly green purse from the Gap. So I completely understand. I'm freaking out that ours is a girl too!!!! At least with you and MJ, maybe one of you will know something about being a girl. I'm not girly and my husband as no clue. LOL