Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love you Mother Earth!

Some of you may or may not know that my New Year's Resolution back in 2008 was to be more "green" and eco conscious... It is a resolution I am happy to say I have stuck with and still work on achieving with every year that has passed. It is something I've achieved in phases, it is not something that you can just do all at once as it is a HUGE endeavor as a whole.

So ever so often I pick a new life choice to work on. Like doing a worm farm for compost, or planning a small garden to eat as local as it gets, your own backyard. Giving up the convenience of paper and plastic bags for reusable bags. Giving up eating fish that are being overfished to the point of unsustainability. Changing the products you use to those that are less toxic to the environment.

I especially love Earth Day, because it brings what some of us work at bettering everyday in our little subculture to mainstream! Entire communities come together to chip in and volunteer to make the day better. Of course the recycler in me would argue that picking up trash along the highways and byways of America and putting it all in a landfill doesn't really make the earth better... but it makes people feel like they are improving their world and that is the first step, making a conscious effort to make your world better.

I am surprised at how being pregnant has made my efforts to be "green" all the more important. The changes I have made were to help future generations.. but now it is my very own future generation. I want her to live in a beautiful world where she doesn't have to worry about what carcinogens are being used around her or in the products she chooses to use. I want her to be able to breathe with ease and drink water without concern.

She gives me all the more reason to continue to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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