Friday, March 18, 2011

Battle for Bed - Day two

Well... here is a break down of yesterday

WIN - MJ got Maggie to nap in her crib instead of on your bed yesterday

WIN - Maggie went to bed at 8:30pm

Frustration - Maggie started crying at 9:15 and didn't stop so we had to pick her up. I finally took her at 10:30 - midnight downstairs because she was no longer tired from a "power nap" and instead wanted to play

Half Win - Maggie fell quickly asleep at 12am without fussing ... but she fell asleep in our bed tucked up with MJ

Half Win - Maggie woke up at 3, MJ fed her and got her back a sleep in her crib

Up for grabs - Maggie was up by 7:30am. But at least happy.

So tally that up and I think we still made good progress.

What I have decided
1. If Maggie is hurt (tummy with air), not tired, or is hungry, she will cry non stop. No ammount of self soothing is going to help her feel better. And I think it is fine to comfort and fix those issues. She is only 6 months so I doubt she can put together "if I cry longer, I will get my way".
2. If she is just fussing, it is fine to let her fuss in her crib.
3. We are trying to tackle two things - her bed time, and her sleeping by herself. So I will consider it a win no matter when she goes to bed if she sleeps by herself. And I will consider it a win is she goes to bed by 8:30 first by soothing assistance if she can then be transitioned to her crib.
4. I really can't blame her for prefering to sleep snuggled with MJ. I too prefer to sleep that way.

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