Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sweetie Pea

This weekend we had an great opportunity to travel to Chicago. The great thing is it is only 3.5 hour drive. Maggie is a champ when it comes to car travel. She slept 95% of the way up. Then she napped in a loud restaurant and later played for 4 hours while we had dinner and mingled!!!! I couldn't ask for a better baby traveler.

I wanted to write a quick blog about what Maggie is currently doing.
1. She has started making mouth raspberries or "zerberts"
2. She has started to rub the back of her head when she gets tired
3. It's like she has a sense of humor. You can play with her and she will giggle.
4. She loves to face out and see things. She gets crabby when you try to face her towards you
5. She has started to have some social anxiety around strangers ... but after a few minutes she will warm up to people.
6. A new nickname has emerged - sweetie pea. It is a cross between sweet pea and sweetie pie. So far Pooh Bear and Captain are still winning in the nick names.

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