Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Breaking the rules for a Tooth

Today felt like a good day to do nothing...

Mostly because I am so tired from last night. Maggie tossed and turned... She just couldn't get comfortable and kept moving in and out of sleep all the while letting us know about it. I actually can't tell you how many times I got up with her last night. I didn't pull Maggie into our bed I would snuggle her, cuddle her, nurse her and once she fell asleep I would place her back in her crib... only to be awoken not even an hour later by unhappy whimpers... By 630 AM it was time to break the rules... into the bed next to me goes Maggie... And it didn't last long we were up by 730 starting our day... someone was just done with sleep.

The morning didn't fair any better, I assumed it was because she was tired and got her to nap on my lap (another broken rule)... then I noticed the drool.


The thought came to me seeing the drool, but I chose to disregard it, we have been wrong so many times before. So when Maggie woke up she was still crabby, I fed her and tried to play with her she was interested but fussy.

So I decided to take a gander.... This is a difficult task, how often do you actually try to look at your baby's gums... uhhh she kept pulling away and pushing my fingers out of her mouth....The opposite of what she usually does with my fingers...

Finally got a peek, and her lower front gums are red and puffy and when you touch her gums you can feel a tooth coming in on her left side... SHE IS TEETHING! Confirming this at least gave me some options....

Option 1. Something Cold to chew on
Option 2 Children's Tylenol

I went with option 2 as none of our teething rings were cold and I didn't want to deal with a wet baby if I gave her a wet washcloth. Option 2 worked!

She actually fell back asleep in my arms and slept from 230 or so until almost 5! A much needed nap for her... I should have napped too but couldn't seem to accomplish it.

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