Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy 6 Month Birthday!

It is hard to believe but Maggie is 6 Months old today!


You usually wake up around 930 am, you are almost always happy first thing in the morning and content to just lay or sit in bed and chat. Once up we head downstairs to change your diaper then play in your exersaucer and watch your "Your Baby Can Read" video then a "Baby Einstein" video while Mommy eats and does chores. At about 1130 you take your morning nap in Mommy and Mutti's bed. This nap is usually only about 45 minutes or so and then you are up so we do another diaper change and then do some floor playing time and/or some flash cards if Mommy doesn't have more chores to do otherwise you play more in your exersaucer. If you get bored Mommy will wear you in your Snugli Carrier while she works on cleaning. You love to be in the carrier. At about 230 or 3 you take a long nap, sometimes Mommy can get you to sleep in your crib for this nap but most times you sleep in Mommy and Mutti's bed. You usually sleep until about 5 or so then you are up and ready to see Mutti! Mutti comes home from work and spends time with you until about 8 then Mutti has to do her homework so you come back to Mommy and we play or you decide you want to nap. You usually wake up around 9 or 930 and want to play until about 1130 or midnight then its off to bed!


You are breast fed the majority of the time. You usually eat during the day about every 3 or 4 hours most of the time right before your naps. At 5 months we introduced you to rice cereal mixed with breast milk you have this once a day in the evening. Ususally Mutti feeds you this. You had 2 colds during your 5th month and we chose to not give you rice cereal while you were sick; we also did some traveling and didn't give you rice cereal when out of town but we are getting back into the swing of it now that you are better and we are home. Today we are going to introduce your first true solid food the Avacado! Yum!

You and your sleep.... there was a time when you slept through the night... then you stopped. You would wake up every other hour and want food... This was a huge factor in starting you on rice cereal.. after a couple nights it actually seemed to work... Well except for the past few days... I blame all the travel and time change. You are being pretty fussy at night and have become quite the night owl! Mommy and Mutti are trying to get you to go to bed by 930 the latest but you aren't having it... You will take a nap around 830 or 9 and wake up bright eyed and ready to play at 930 or 10.


4 Months: Distinguishes between bold colors, Plays with her hands and feet, Rolls over in both directions.
5 Months: Imitates sounds like "baba" "dada", Recognizes own name, Turns toward new sounds, mouths objects, passes objects from hand to hand, Sits unassisted, has some stranger anxiety.

You love to laugh at the dogs, but your interest has swapped to other peoples dogs not so much our own. You smile and giggle at neck and side tickles. You really think it's funny when Mommy sings using only the syllables of DAH... and you think it is funny when Mommy sings Kesha's Blow song.... you know bloooOOWWW OWW OWW OWW OWW OWWWWW!


You love your exersaucer and your "tamborine"


You have been wearing almost all 6-9 month clothes now since the first week of February. There are one or two items from 3-6 months that you can still fit into. We have discussed looking for Pajamas (with the feetsies) in 9-12 month because you have already outgrown the 6-9 pj we have for you,

At Birth it was a dark brown
At 6 Months you have dark brown ends with a strawberry like blonde roots! We have been asked if your hair was dyed... NO it has not.


At Birth....The first day we saw your eyes you were almost a week old, they looked dark bluish black.
At 6 Months they are a Grey Blue like Mommy's.

Birth: 9 lbs 8 oz (99th percentile), 21 1/2" long
3 Months: 14 lbs 3 oz (90th percentile), 24 3/4" long (97th percentile)
6 Months: 17lbs 12 oz (83rd percentile), 28 1/2" long (99th percentile)
Miss Maggie is TALL! When we were at her pediatrician appt the Dr said she is measuring in the 50th percentile of an 11 month old!! WOW! That explains why her PJs with feetsies don't fit!

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